OXIDE: Room 104


Wild Sphere


Wild Sphere


Adventure, Indie

Release dates

2. Quartal - Nintendo Switch
2. Quartal - PC (Microsoft Windows)
2. Quartal - PlayStation 4
2. Quartal - PlayStation 5
2. Quartal - Xbox One
2. Quartal - Xbox Series X|S
OXIDE: Room 104

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Game description

A shady business, an abandoned motel, a terrifying host and only one way out. Welcome to OXIDE. Put yourself in Matthew's shoes and try to escape from there just as you would in real life. Every decision you make will alter the story and, therefore, your chances of coming out alive of that terrible place. Sneak through the facilities of the old motel looking for a way out while you discover what is happening there, at the same time that a terrifying presence is stalking you in every corner and every dark room. She knows you are there. Don't move, don't breathe. That creature will not hesitate to tear Matthew to pieces. He knows it as if he had lived that before. Every action will change the course of events making each game unique and with diverse solutions. Each time Matthew dies he returns to the bathtub in room 104, consuming his flesh and feeding his madness. Use your ingenuity to escape and pay attention to details, but be careful of the choices you make, as they will either put you one step closer to freedom or lead Matthew to a traumatic death. Will you make it out of OXIDE alive?