Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six


Red Storm Entertainment


Saffire Corporation, Crawfish Interactive, Pipe Dream Interactive, Red Storm Entertainment


Shooter, Simulator, Strategy, Tactical

Release dates

21.08.1998 - PC (Microsoft Windows)
22.08.1998 - PC (Microsoft Windows)
10.1998 - PC (Microsoft Windows)
08.10.1999 - Mac
11.1999 - PlayStation
19.11.1999 - Nintendo 64
23.11.1999 - PlayStation
12.1999 - Nintendo 64
03.04.2000 - Game Boy Color
09.05.2000 - Dreamcast
10.11.2000 - Game Boy Color
02.02.2001 - Dreamcast
05.06.2008 - PlayStation Network
21.05.2009 - PlayStation Network
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

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Game description

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege key presents the latest Ubisoft's multiplayer FPS game that offers limitless fast-paced high-tension action with each and every match. Two teams of players are split into attackers and defenders and must compete in various game modes. Each player must choose an operator, a special soldier type equipped with unique skills and traits. Any choice made before the match starts is irreversible once the action takes place. Worthy Experience Every Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege key opens the door to a brand-new experience that is bound to keep everyone that walks through captivated for hours at the time. In this game, environmental destruction and coordination between players are of utmost importance. The in-game maps are customized to encourage close-quarter combat, which makes each game a very fast-paced and thrilling experience. Challenging Gameplay Once you’ve played, even if just for a brief while, you will begin to realize how much is Rainbow Six: Siege key focused on providing the best possible experience for every gaming fan out there. Not only does the game provide endless action but it can also offer endless fun while playing with your friends! Challenge your thinking patterns and create advanced tactics to prevail in the field of battle. Full Package There’s but a few close-quarter games that even from afar managed to achieve what this thrilling title has. Buy Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege key and experience the unprecedented close-quarter’s military warfare quality first-hand. The visuals, the mechanics, and the audio are simply thrilling, and the camaraderie that you’ll get to enjoy here comes as a very much welcomed bonus to complete the deal.